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I wish I could have been there with you… You were October 26, 2009

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Running is many things to me. It has been with me for seven years now and continues to be a major force in my life. What I gain physically is limitless. What I learn is enlightening. What I discover emotionally is enormous.

I knew the value of my relationship with running when I decided to go back to school for a second master’s degree. As a side note, actually deciding to go back to school was a direct result of my running experiences. When I entered my degree program I made a pact with myself: Running will remain priority and I will never give up a run because of my coursework.  Why would I do this?  Because I knew what running does for me. It gives me the confidence to take on such a huge commitment. It maintains an energy level that allows me to stay alert and productive for long hours at a time. Most of all, it levels me. Running calms me down when I am excited. Running brings me up when I am depressed. Running keeps my head clear when I am confused. During my runs back then, I found myself writing outlines, conceiving projects, organizing presentations, creating strategic plans. The benefits during that time were huge.

Lately, during my recent difficult times, running has been there for me as well. Running seems to be the only thing that I have control over in my life right now. I can always count on it to be there for the reasons stated above as well as allowing me to work out personal problems. The past few runs, yesterday and today, were no different. I have been pretty upset lately and again, running has been there to level me. It is getting me through this.  There is something to be said about a solitary run with nothing but the rhythm of your breathing and the pulse of your heart beating. It brings you deep into your core and allows you to touch your soul. It reminds you of who you are.  This morning’s run was that and more. An early morning run with the sun rising above stunning fall foliage, mist hovering over fields, a spectacular view down through the valley after cresting the hill. It was a moment of pure connection with Self moving through this heaven.

I am reminded of a specific scene in the movie, Forrest Gump. Not many movies make me cry but this specific scene does it to me every time. Every time! Jenny is on her deathbed and Forrest describes some of his most beautiful visions while he ran across the country. When he is done, she says, “I wish I could have been there with you.”  He responds, “You were.”

Grab your box of tissues and watch…



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