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What Empowers You? November 1, 2009

Posted by jassnight in Change, fitness, Relationship, running.
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Empower YourselfThis morning was long run morning. Since I qualified, registered and I am going to participate in the Boston Marathon, I have decided that I would run nothing less than a half marathon for my long runs until I need to ramp up the mileage after the new year. I am committed and I am following through.

In the midst of a self-esteem crushing and soul-sucking job search on top of confusing and hurtful relationship problems, running empowers me. It seems to be the only thing that I have control over in my life right now. My decision to take on the challenge of winter training and run the Boston is a commitment I have made and a goal I will achieve. No one else made that decision for me and no one else gave me permission to do it (note – always discuss long distance running with your doctor before embarking on training. Have check-ups regularly.) I reap the rewards of good training and consequently understand the issues if I skip a training run or run stupid. I am directly responsible for my running and fitness success. Me – no one else.

Running is my source of pride, my base of identity, my constant, my life source.

Running Empowers Me.



1. Nicki - November 2, 2009

While it may not be something I throw in people’s faces on a regular basis, my faith is what empowers me – every day of my life!

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