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It is all in the timing November 6, 2009

Posted by jassnight in Change, Life, Love, Relationship.
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I continuously analyze change in my writings. It is a curiosity of mine. At one time in my life I was terrified of change. Then I found that without it, I was headed for certain death of my soul. At that point I embraced it whole-heartedly and found it to be not only necessary, but also inevitable. However, there are workings within change that continue to confuse me. Timing being one. The timing of change is difficult to plan. Who knew, for example, that when I left my previous career to go back for another degree the economy would also change at the very time I was ready to reenter another career. Bad timing.

Let’s look at relationships within the same context. When you meet someone and fall in love, is that perfect timing?  Do you tell each other, “It was fate that we met. We were meant for each other.” Look at it another way. What if you meet someone but it just isn’t good timing. What if one of you is not in a position to have a relationship? For example, career ambitions or family responsibilities are priority at the moment. Bad timing I guess.

benjaminbuttonThe movie, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” explores a symbolic extreme of the effect of timing on relationship. In this scenario, Benjamin is living his life backwards – from death to birth. Daisy, the woman he falls deeply in love with, is living life in the normal direction. It is a macro-exploration of the significance of timing.  Not only do they have the common distractions that keep people apart such as careers, school, other relationships, travel, but they are also dealing with the opposite directions that their lives are taking – a direct metaphor. However, there is that moment – that one revealing moment – in the characters lives where they discover that they are close to the same age and that they are, as Daisy states, “meeting in the middle.” Benjamin reflects with, “We finally caught up with each other.”  It is the defining moment in the movie.

In order to survive and thrive, I wonder if relationships need to be more than just the connection of the soul we have with another. If the timing is off, that glorious feeling of love and passion can quickly become that of pain and longing. Benjamin and Daisy feel that agony throughout most of the story, except for that one delicious moment when they meet in the middle.

How many of us experience that rare moment of meeting in the middle with the one we are passionate about? How many of us miss it?

It is all in the timing I guess.



1. BigLittleWolf - November 9, 2009

Much of what is good is dangerous. As for passion? Some of us are more wired for it, I believe. In all things – pursuit of our dreams, intensity of our suffering, magnitude of our love in all its forms – physical and emotional.

For those of us who live passionately, anything else is unthinkable. Whatever the dangers, whatever the lows, unthinkable.

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